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Systems Thinking Workbook

Systems Thinking Workbook: Practising the art of systems thinking in a complex world

This workbook provides a guided process to help enable and create conditions for practising systems thinking. 

Systems thinking is a core skill in our current and evolving world. In order to deal with the complexity of our current world, we need to be able to understand the unpredictable, interconnected and complex nature of the world. But while there is much talk about the need to think and act systemically, we are often not sure how to do it.

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Re.imagining Activism (English)

Re.imagining Activism: A practical guide for the Great Transition

Based on the research collated and the ideas and experiences generated by the Smart CSOs Lab, our booklet Re.imagining Activism: A practical guide for the Great Transition is a practical tool for activists and social change leaders. It provides guidance and support to activists who want to make a meaningful contribution to this deeper change. Re.imagining Activism Guide - Jetzt kaufen

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Video: “The Numbers”

In a world ruled by money, everything has a price. Even you. But it hasn’t always been this way, and it won’t be like this forever. The market / a money-oriented world isn’t a law of nature. It was created by humans. And humans can change it.

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