Six pathways to the Great Transition – what needs to be done

We need new strategies from civil society that think about ecological transition and polarisation together.

Our societies are drifting further apart. If current trends towards populist authoritarianism continue, they might set us back many years from tackling the ecological crises, years we don’t have.

front cover of Six pathways to the Great Transition

They might also reverse some of the enormous social progress made in recent years instead of contributing to a fairer world. As encouraging as the recent movements Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion are, they exist within the progressive bubble. The resentments against green politics on the other side of the political spectrum have reached unprecedented levels.

This paper proposes six action areas that civil society organisations, activist networks and grantmaking organisations should pursue if they want to make a positive contribution to tackling the ecological crises while at the same time addressing the current political climate of spiralling polarisation and surging authoritarianism.

  1. Reduce moral certainty
  2. Build a transversal movement
  3. Foster viewpoint diversity
  4. Learn new ways of sensemaking
  5. Design prototypes for cultural evolution
  6. Tell stories grounded in truth

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